SAMBA digest 1770 (new user problem)

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Thu Aug 6 22:30:43 GMT 1998

When the world was young, SaM <SamAndMichelle at> had some 
trouble with the samba setup:

Subject:        	SAMBA digest 1770
Date sent:      	Fri, 7 Aug 1998 00:31:20 +1000

> I'm a new Samba/Linux user.  I"ve got my computer to network between a
> Linux Redhat 5.1 computer and a Windows95B computer.  The computers can
> ping each other and i've setup IP Masquerading and they can share the same
> internet access. BUt when i try to set up Samba.  I installed samba during
> the Redhat 5.1 install.  And i can control it by typing ./smb start and
> ./smb stop   And i know i can edit /etc/smb.conf to configure it.  Is
> there anything else i need to know because i followed the setttup in the
> Samba Homepage on the Windows95 machine, but when i double clicked on
> networking, nothing shows up!

I sent an email on this, but to sum it up:  I suggested he compile 
the latest source (I think RH5 came out before the latest version 
of samba, but I'm running it on RH4.2) and go through the test 
steps in Diagnosis.txt, and then report back if he still has any 
problems he can't solve on his own.  Anybody else like to chime in?

Steve Arnold

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