Sol 2.51. to Sol 2.6 = Problems?

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Aug 6 16:27:47 GMT 1998

johnh at (John Hintz) wrote:
> Here's an easy one for y'all.  I am running samba V1.9.16p1 on an NT 4.0 vs. Solrais 2.51 peer to peer, and so
> far so good.  !BUT!  I am about to go to Solaris 2.6.  Is there anything different that must be done for samba
> on this newer Solaris version?

	Nothing at all (;-)) 
	Samba passes Appcert with flying colours: see

	I would get an up-to-date copy, though: 1.9.18 or so:
	the gurus can advise you on that.

--dave (I ran it through a few months back) c-b
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