Printing fails on reboot - ok after smbd restart

Matt JD Aldridge Matt.Aldridge at NEXOR.Co.UK
Thu Aug 6 15:54:04 GMT 1998

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> > Hay,
> > I have a big problem with the stop e start smbd.
> > I start the samba server in /etc/rc3.d
> > When the server reboot, all the partition of samba could be
> located from
> > any kind of S.O of PC . The only things that give me some
> problem is the
> > printer. After the reboot server ...from Office installed
> on PC I can't
> > print on the printer shared with samba. If I made
> stop/start of the smbd
> > by sh /etc/init.d/samba.server stop/start....all work right.
> > Help me please because I can't know where is the problem...
> > Thank's
> > Franca Vercellone
> My guess is that lp or lpd is being started up after samba
> restarts, so printing is not available.  Maybe check to see
> if the S??smbd is a higher number than S??lpd.
> I have entries in inetd.conf for samba, so I can't check my
> system.

I have exactly the same problem on my Solaris 2.5 SPARC box.  (Samba
1.9.18p8)  The LP services are being started up way before Samba in rc2,
Samba is the last thing to be fired up in rc3.

Cheers for any suggestions,

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