New Samba User please help me!

SaM SamAndMichelle at
Thu Aug 6 05:29:43 GMT 1998


 I'm a new Samba/Linux user.  I"ve got my computer to network between a
Linux Redhat 5.1 computer and a Windows95B computer.  The computers can
ping each other and i've setup IP Masquerading and they can share the
same internet access. BUt when i try to set up Samba.  I installed samba
during the Redhat 5.1 install.  And i can control it by typing ./smb
start and ./smb stop   And i know i can edit /etc/smb.conf to configure
it.  Is there anything else i need to know because i followed the
setttup in the Samba Homepage on the Windows95 machine, but when i
double clicked on networking, nothing shows up!  I read something about
you ahve to edit LMHOSTS.SAM but i tried to add    (my linux computer)    sam.mydomain (the name of

and it still didn't work.  Am i doing something wrong or am i completely
on the wrong track?  In windows95 the WORKGROUP is named WORKGROUP and
in smb.conf, "workgroup = WORKGROUP"  But when i'm in Windows95, and i
goto DOS PROMPT (The computer is called COMP3, but its ip is i type "NET VIEW" it only shows:

SErvername          REmark
//COMP3                COMP3

But it dosen't show anything from the linux box!  Smb and NBMd starts
automatically upon the boot of Linux and i don't know what's wrong.. I"m
really frustrated and the manual pages in samba are very hard to
understand. If somebody can please shed light in this subject for me, it
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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