Louis C. Lohman llohman at
Wed Aug 5 20:15:47 GMT 1998


I have found it necessary (in order to preserve ip addresses) to hide a number of 
Win95 systems behind a Linux system running ipmasq.  That part works fine.  
But I need access for those systems to my NT servers.  How do I configure 
Samba so that the login requests are handled as 'passthru'. Right now, it 
works, but I am running logon scripts twice .. once on the Linux machine and 
then they run again from the NT machine. ( I copied the logon scripts from the 
NT system out to the Linux system so they are the same.). It's just that it 
looks really ugly to see these scripts get run twice.


Louis C. Lohman
Senior Network Consultant
Kissane Business Systems
Addison, Ill.

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