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Matthew Jamison xmj at
Wed Aug 5 16:07:46 GMT 1998

Something I want to do is make some shares only browseable for specific
users.  I tried adding a share like this.

   comment = Goals files
   Path = /export/wv01/goals
   valid users = xmj
   public = no
   writable = yes
   printable = no

The share works but every one can see that the share exists when they browse
our samba server.  When I add the line browseable = no to the share then no
one can see the share including the valid users.  I know this can be done
because the home directories are this way.  What am I doing wrong.  Some
other options that you might need to know.

   encrypt passwords = yes
   security = user


Matthew Jamison              xmj at
System Administrator    Cypress Semiconductor
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