SAMBA digest 1769

Dan Roscigno ddr at
Wed Aug 5 15:20:57 GMT 1998

> Hay,
> I have a big problem with the stop e start smbd.
> I start the samba server in /etc/rc3.d
> When the server reboot, all the partition of samba could be located from
> any kind of S.O of PC . The only things that give me some problem is the
> printer. After the reboot server ...from Office installed on PC I can't
> print on the printer shared with samba. If I made stop/start of the smbd
> by sh /etc/init.d/samba.server stop/start....all work right.
> Help me please because I can't know where is the problem...
> Thank's
> Franca Vercellone

My guess is that lp or lpd is being started up after samba
restarts, so printing is not available.  Maybe check to see
if the S??smbd is a higher number than S??lpd.

I have entries in inetd.conf for samba, so I can't check my

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