Lorenzo Rondelli Lorenzo_Rondelli at
Wed Aug 5 14:21:08 GMT 1998

Sorry for my little english

I have the 1.9.18p8  version  on a unix machine HP-UX 10.20
I  try  to  connect  from  a  pc  with  NT4.0  SP3  where  I'm logged in as
I try to connect on the unix as different users (tec110, cadnt4....)
This is the configuration file :
     debug level = 3
     dead time = 5
     dns proxy = no
     path = /home/eso
     public = yes
     guest account = pcguest
     user = tec110

active daemon on the unix machine
/usr/local/samba/bin/smbd -D

active users on the unix machine (file /etc/passwd)
tec110:tdcfhRJdWvUMo:300:1111:rondelli :/users/tec110:/usr/bin/csh
pcguest:SeVPWpzy/ZuN6:6789:1111:.. utente samba
cadnt4:/fo4BZi2tqngI:6790:1111:....utente samba

active group on the unix machine (file /etc/group)

On the pc is installed only the TCP/IP

My problem is :
when i try to connect with the unix from the pc,even if I use the user
'tec110' or other users,on the smbserver
 I have always a connection registered as 'pcguest'
I would like a different registration for each connection I have  because I
 want to know who modifies a file
or create a new folder (example). Not only pcguest.
Thank you


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