Printing woes with SAMBA...

Vic Vathulya vathulya at Calvin.SFC.Lehigh.Edu
Wed Aug 5 12:58:46 GMT 1998


We have PCs and SunOS machines networked together with 2 network printers(Postscript & Paintjet). Our printcaps and smb.conf were fine and the PCs were able to print to the printers. Then we replaced our paintjet with a deskjet and changed the printcap fi
le. Now, the PCs just cant print to the printers. The printfiles do end up in the /tmp directory but dont get spooled to the printer. What can we do to remedy this situation? The log files of the PCs show that lpr and lpq commands return a value of 256!

Vic Vathulya
Graduate Research Asst.
Lehigh University,
Bethlehem, PA 18015.

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