USE_WAITPID in IRIX (SGI5). Does it work?

Mac dmccann at
Wed Aug 5 08:51:37 GMT 1998

Hi all,

I'm running Samba 1.9.18p8 on an SG Challenge (L) with IRIX 5.3

Every so often (maybe once a month (ish)) samba goes mad, and we get
loads and loads of 'smbd' processes created which fill up the process
table, causing many 'fork() failed: too many processes' errors.

Eventually, with a slice of luck we can get to execute a 'kill' command
on them and the problem goes away, and we restart Samba and all is well

It does _not_ seem to be activity related (the latest incident happened
at around 23:30 localtime.

The only clue is in the log.smb file which has a line reading:-

	ERROR: Recursion in sig_cld? Perhaps you need `#define USE_WAITPID'?  

And this puzzles me no end.

I've looked in the Makefile, and have double chcked that I've
uncommented the three lines for SGI5 (and only those lines).

Moreover the file 'includes.h' appears to define USE_WAITPID in the
section for 'SGI5'.

In fact, it defines it twice!  Just before and after the #ifndef SYSV

Any clues anyone?

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