Supporting both non encrypted and encrypted passwords

Karl Auer auer at
Tue Aug 4 08:50:10 GMT 1998

Hi Martin.

Am 04-Aug-98 Langsteiner Martin ZFF IE-F schrieb:
> your mail! It made me look up some more things, and so I found out that
> the [homes] shares may be connected to by everybody who knows one valid
> username. This is not what you want, I suppose.

Yeees - but Unix permissions are still in force. Home directories can only be
read by those users with read permission, and can only be written by those users
with write permission, and so on. It is, in short, not as bad as it looks. If a
user doesn't have execute permission on a home directory he or she has
connected to, they won't even be able to see what files are in it.

Given that users already have, by definition, user level access to the Unix
machine itself (not over Samba necessarily), they can do no more damage with
Samba than they could do via a Unix login.

Regards, K.

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