Supporting both non encrypted and encrypted passwords

Langsteiner Martin ZFF IE-F martin.langsteiner at
Tue Aug 4 08:28:32 GMT 1998

> On Mon, Aug 03, 1998 at 18:47, Marc Merlin wrote:
	> Mmmh. So  you  are  saying  that  WfWg  users  are
authentificated  against
	> /etc/passwd and NT4+SP3 users authentificated against
	Looks like that!

	> How did you setup /etc/smb.conf to accomplish this? 

	   domain master  = no
	   local master   = yes
	   preferred master = no 
	   os level       = 89
	   guest account  = nobody
	   workgroup      = BATCAVE
	   server string  = Linux Samba Server
	   auto services  = guest
	   password level = 8 
	   case sensitive = no
	   log level      = 2
	   log file       = /usr/local/samba/var/log
	   max log size   = 1000
	   config file    = /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf
	   lock directory = /usr/local/samba/var/
	   status         = yes
	   character set  = iso8859-1
	   valid chars    = ä:Ä ö:Ö ü:Ü ß
	   keepalive      = 60
	   encrypt passwords = yes

	   comment        = Home Verzeichnis
	   browseable     = no
	   read only      = no
	   create mask    = 7664

	   comment        = Gastanwender
	   path           = /home/samba
	   read only      = no
	   guest ok       = yes

	   comment	  = Alles_moegliche
	   path           = /home/allg
	   valid users    = @wombat
	   read only      = no
	I use 'security=share' - which is the default. Thank you for
your mail! It made me look up some more things, and so I found out that
the [homes] shares may be connected to by everybody who knows one valid
username. This is not what you want, I suppose.
	The [bats] share is protected by 'valid users = @groupname'. To
connect to it, I must supply a valid username out of this (Unix) group
and its valid password.

	> I am  just hoping  that you'd be able to get samba to
automatically  test ...<snip> 
	Now, as I know more, I'm afraid, I'm not... 



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