NT4 performance in Netware primary login.

Peter de Groot pdgtech at wantree.com.au
Tue Aug 4 01:05:10 GMT 1998

Samba Gurus.

We run W95 and NT4 clients in a mixed environment
of Netware and Samba on SGs.  Netware is the primary
network login(over IPX/SPX). Am using clear text passwords for the 
Samba network.  NT 4 is patched up to SR 3.
Samba version 1.9.18p7.


Samba performance from NT 4 machines is VERY slow.
Many orders of magnitude slower than W95 which is 
very good.

This performance problem is consistant.  Even
copying files from the samba drives to a local
disk chokes.  There does not appear to be a problem
with the browsing, but I/O performance, yuk.
I am running NT4 on Pentium 300s, so there should not
be a shortage of mumbo on the client side.

Help ...


Peter de Groot.

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