Supporting both non encrypted and encrypted passwords

Langsteiner Martin ZFF IE-F martin.langsteiner at
Mon Aug 3 07:38:13 GMT 1998

	Marc Merlin wrote:
	>... is there any other way to  have Samba support both at the
	> time without having to give it a list of clients and protocol
to use?

	Hi Marc,

	not the solution, only a hint:

	We have a mixed environment of NT4 and WFWG machines. The latter
will use plain text passwords, the others will encrypt them. 
	I setup the smbpasswd file as described in ENCRYPTION.txt (in
the Samba documentation), and, as we are _only_ 12 users wanting to
access the shares, gave everyone a simple initial samba password. Then I
asked the NT4 users to login to the samba server (Linux 2.x, Samba
1.9.18p8) as Unix users and change their samba password with the
smbpasswd command.
	After this, everyone got access to the samba shares, be he NT4
or WFWG user. 
	I don't know how and why - but it works...

	As I understood ENCRYPTION.txt, Unix is not able to check LANMAN
or NT4 encrypted passwords directly against the (original) Unix password
file, because both are one-way hashed, but with different methods. So I
conclude that Samba needs its extra smbpasswd file to verify NT4 logons
at all.

	Good luck, 


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