Cross-subnet Browse sync fails!

Jeff Newton Jeff_Newton at
Thu Apr 30 16:19:52 GMT 1998

I'm running 1.9.18p4 without encryption using the default share 

The samba server is setup as the MB on a different subnet than the
NT PDC.  I continue to get the following error:

sync_browse_lists: NT-SERVER0 rejected the browse sync sessionsetup  

My guest account is set to nobody and everything seems to work fine
except the cross-subnet browsing.

The archives suggest using encryption and smbpasswd as a possible
solution.  I'd rather not use smbpasswd.  Is there another way around
this problem?  I've tried security = server and pointing the passwd
server to the PDC but that didn't work.  

As a relative SMB newbie, I'd appreciate any help I can get debugging
and solving this problem.


Jeff Newton
Unix Systems Administrator
PMC-Sierra Inc.

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