Multiple usernames and strange log

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Apr 30 12:27:19 GMT 1998

Miquel Bonastre <miquel at> asked:

   The situation is that: john and eric have their own account
   in the server (Unix running samba). They share another
   account (say netmen). They need access to their own account 
   and to the common account (at the same time).

   Does anybody know how to achieve that on Win95? 

 Well, this worked **once**, and hasn't been re-tried since, but
we set the Win95 machine to have a single ``account'', deaktop
and .pwl file (via the second tabe in the password-changing program),
logged on, mounted john's share, provided his password and set the
share to be mounted at startup.
  Then we restarted, mounted netmen's share, provided that 
password and set it to remount, too.
  Ever thereafter it would mount both shares at boot time
(and we also reverse-engineered both john and netman's passwords
from the .pwl file (:-))
  The whole idea is scary.

  I strongly suspect that the quick answer is to be able to add
to the .pwl file via a program, and the real answer is to edit 
the registry so people have to provide passwords for each share
at boot time...


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