Win95 Login strangeness

Johan Carlstedt johan at Katedral.SE
Thu Apr 30 06:02:50 GMT 1998

> This all works fine as long as the user logs in correctly.  However, if
> the user enters an invalid username/password pair, the Win95 box still
> connects to the IPC$ and NETLOGON resources; runs the login script and
> continues to set itself up from the registry stored in the
> \\SERVER\NETLOGON\PROFILE\USER directory and so on. 

In order to make sure that the user has entered the correct password
before the user gets access to Windows 95 a key in the registry must
be added.

Start the program "regedit" and select the key: 
Add a DWORD-value called "MustBeValidated" and set the value to 1 (hex)

/Johan Carlstedt

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