Codepage 850 question

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Wed Apr 29 22:49:22 GMT 1998


On Thu, 30 Apr 1998 02:01:48 +1000, Robert Koruna wrote:

>If I use certain german characters, like äöü (hope you can read 
>them), it builds file this "Verkn\201pfung". I can use this files 
>from the sambaclient, but I can't access or delete this files out of 
>I used client codepage = 850
>Now I found out, that if I use the options
>character set = iso8859-1
>valid characters = 228 196 246 214 252 220 223 183 126
>it would work for me.
>Problem is I can't even see the files I have build befor I used this 
>two new options.
>I have about 10 Gigs of files on my server, the half of it with this 
>characters. So I don't want to change them by hand.
>Any suggestions ???

This should be solveable be fiddling a bit with find, tr and your preffered shell:

   find <share_directory> -name '*'\xxx'*' -exec /home/robert/titty_twister {} \;

   mv $1 `echo $1 | tr \xxx \yyy`

If you're really unable to find shell_that_understands_what_you_mean you will probably replace titty_twister by a 
little C program.


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