Anonymous printing and trouble with MS cd's ....

Jim Farrell jwf at
Wed Apr 29 18:27:05 GMT 1998

Hello all ...

I have samba 1.9.18p4 set up and working well from a Solaris 2.5.1 machine.

I'm using encrypted passwords, and would like to find some way for
anonymous NT/95 clients to connect to our server and use our printers
(without having to log in or use any special user names).  Everyone who
works on-site already has Unix and Samba logins, so there is no trouble
there .... it's when people are visiting our location, and just want to
send a few jobs to the printer(s) that I have trouble.  I can usually get
people going with the guest login and password, but of course nobody can
ever remember the NT/95 procedure and password, so it just ends up being a
problem for everyone. 

I would like it so that anyone connected to our local network (with any
userid and password) can see the server, browse the available shares, and
use the printers, but only allow access to the disk shares to valid users
in smbpasswd file. 

If this is something simple, could someone point me to the relevant docs 
or smb.conf entries to look into?


-- jim 

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