ANNOUNCE: SMB2WWW, a web gateway to SMB networks

Remco van Mook remco at
Wed Apr 29 12:41:53 GMT 1998

Ladies and gentlemen,

it is with great pleasure that I announce to you SMB2WWW, a HTML gateway
to SMB (or Windows) networks.

What is it ?

SMB2WWW is a set of perl scripts designed to give you access to your
network in a similar way as the Network Neighbourhood of MS Windows
fame. It requires a recent version of perl, samba and a web server that
supports CGI.

What can I do with it ?

>From any HTML 3.0 compliant web browser, you can walk through the SMB
network where the webserver is located. This is ideal for remotely
retrieving documents from your intranet, or, for systems that don't have a
native 'Network Neighbourhood'. SMB2WWW knows how to handle password
protected shares, and has the possibility to download files with the
correct MIME-type, so your web browser will know how to handle them.

Where can I get it ?

You can find smb2www on
On that page, there's also a short demonstration of how SMB2WWW works, and
a (short) FAQ.

What does it still need ?

A decent name. :-)


Remco van Mook

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