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Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Wed Apr 29 07:55:42 GMT 1998


On Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:30:19 +1000, Matthew Geier wrote:

>> After stopping that still living nmbd and restarting it everything was
>> fine again.
>> It is perfectly possible that the link between subnet 160.18 and 160.19
>> was broken at this moment caused by a leased line maintenance done by
>> our line provider.
>> What still irritates me that we lost responsiveness of nmbd: a later
>> test showed that the nmbd process son is stable against SIGPIPE: the
>> father just goes on and starts another son.

> I just reported a similar sounding nmbd problem to samba-bugs - I have
>two 'remote' servers on different subnets acting as local browse masters.
>The browse list syncing works fine. However if I lose the link (via router
>crash or WAN outage), often nmbd locks up. The otherday our router failed and
>I had nmbd in log level 3 at the time. nmbd stop responding at the point it
>started to sync with the remote server. The child nmbd had died and didnt

Thank you for pointing this out (and posting it to samba-bugs). I'll write a script to scan the process list and 
count the number of running nmbd's. If below 2, it will kill the still living one and restart nmbd.

One more point: the number of running nmbds seems to depend on "wins support = yes". This makes sense in terms of 
the need to do async dns lookups so it should (I did not investigate until yet) also depend on "dns proxy = yes".


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