Win95 Login strangeness.

Sanders, Peter Peter.Sanders at
Wed Apr 29 02:55:06 GMT 1998

I have 1.9.18p4 running on Linux 2.0.30 set to encrypt passwords and in
user level security.  All of the users registry; profile/s and personal
data is stored in their [home] resource, all other shares to which the
users have access are read-only and guest-access allowed.

My Win95 boxes are set set to log into an NT domain with share level
security and the primary login is to the Microsoft network
(complications in trying to share a Win95 resource if I use user-level
security -- Win95 demands an ACL from the PDC and won't play when it's
not forthcoming).

This all works fine as long as the user logs in correctly.  However, if
the user enters an invalid username/password pair, the Win95 box still
connects to the IPC$ and NETLOGON resources; runs the login script and
continues to set itself up from the registry stored in the
\\SERVER\NETLOGON\PROFILE\USER directory and so on.   Not until the
Win95 box tries to connect to the shares which do not allow guest access
is there any hint that something is wrong: no message informs the user
that its password is wrong: no opportunity to retype a password is

Have I missed on setting something up?  Is this a Win95 bug? Or is this
a natural and necessary result of the configuration I have set up? 

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