SAMBA and Windows 95

julie moore jmoore at
Wed Apr 29 00:36:50 GMT 1998

Hi All,

	I am new to the job of System Administrator  and even 
newer to SAMBA.  I have managed to set up SAMBA on Solaris so 
that from a Windows 95 machine I can map a drive to a point on 
the Unix machine.  This works fine.

	What I am stuck at is an issue of security.  I have been
asked to work out how to limit the users that can access the mapped
drive.  ie., if someone walks into the office they cannot sit down
and see all the files on our Unix machine.  

	So, what I need to do is somehow look at the Windows username
and password and if it is a known user, then allow the drive to be mapped
but if it is not, don't allow it.  I don't know how to read the Windows password.
I did try using the file :  unixname = windowsname  but it
didn't work as I expected it to.
	Could anyone help me out with how I would go about this please?
	Thank you for any help you can offer.

	Julie Moore
	jmoore at

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