Printers disappearing

Matthew Geier matthew at
Mon Apr 27 23:44:11 GMT 1998

> From: "Tony House" <tonyh at>
> Subject: Printers disappearing
> The problem is the list of defined printers in Windows disappears every now
> and then.  It does not happen for all PCs simultaneously, or even for groups 
> of PCs.  But when it does happen the only way to get the listing back is to 
> restart Windows 95.
> Does this strike a familiar note with anyone?
 Yes. Happens to me sometimes, latest version of Samba on Solaris 2.5.1,
athough it has been happening for a long time. Some PC's are more prone to
the problem than others, most have never had the problem and it only happens
to one machine at the time.
 I have one machine that is quite prone to this 'disappearing printers' problem
that is identical to 20 others that dont have the problem. Ive not seen a

 Trying to re-define the printers just gets windows confused. Rebooting fixes
 I usually get called when Eudora crashes in response to a print request, Eudora
doesnt take kindly to the default printer disappearing.

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