Group information lost when security = server

Steve Francis steve.francis at
Mon Apr 27 23:30:49 GMT 1998


I have a samba install, samba-1.9.18p4, with security=server.  Users are
validated against the NT domain controller correctly, and user accounts
do exist on the unix box (AIX 4.2.1)

Problem is that while the uid of the files that users create is correct,
the group id is always sys, even though the users have as primary gid

The definition of the share I am trying to create is:
        comment = cslan data.  Current Managers stuff only
        path = /csfiles
        writable = yes
        public = no
        valid users = corr vsefcik bmiller rallard
        create mask = 0760
        force user = %U
        force group = %G

I tried adding the force user/group lines to try to resolve this, but
with no luck.

Anyone have ideas? Should the gid be preserved?


Steve Francis
Network Analyst,
UCSB Communications Services
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