Amiga Samba file format?

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen rask at
Mon Apr 27 13:38:07 GMT 1998

Den 15-Mar-98 00:17:10 skrev Chris Ryan følgende om "Amiga Samba file format?":

> I have an interesting problem using Samba (1.9.16) on the Amiga. Everthing
> works fine for PC reads from the Amiga to the PC or dag-and-dropped onto
> Unix shares (which also using Samba). However, in the other direction (i.e.
> at PC GUI drag a Unix file from Unix share and drop it onto an Amiga share)
> this copy results in a file that my httpd on the Amiga can't read (in the
> case of GIF files; html are OK). It gives me "illegal file type" errors. If
> I use diff the file is identical to the original, and multiview can still
> read it and view it.

> Is Samba creating a file on the Amiga with some subtle differences in the
> low-level format of the file that confuses httpd?

Does Apache have permission to read the file? Are Apache's MIME types set up
to recognise .gif _and_ .GIF extensions as image/gif files?


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