printing from Unix to SMB printer

Norbert =?UNKNOWN-8BIT?Q?P=FCschel ?= Pueschel.Norbert at
Mon Apr 27 08:26:49 GMT 1998

Michel Applaincourt schrieb:
> Hi,
> When defining a queue for lpd using a SMB (Win95) printer, it uses a
> ".config" file that store a username and password for printing on the SMB
> server.
> Is there a way (as anybody tried and how to) to configure the lpd so the
> username and password used to print on the SMB server are the unix login
> and password of the user printing (password databases are synchronized),
> so the job on the SMB server is really owned by the user who is printing.

No. There is no way to get the cleartext password either from the
unix or the Samba password database.

Hmm, it might be possible to write a smbclient that is able to
use the encrypted passwords in Samba's password file for login
on a SMB server. Nobody has done this yet, however.

  N. Pueschel

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