Printers disappearing

Tony House tonyh at
Mon Apr 27 00:44:39 GMT 1998

Hello people.

We have an OLD version of Samba linking a Sun running SunOS 4.1.3 with PCs 
running Windows 95.  Both Samba and the OS are to be upgraded in the next 
couple of months but until that ahppens we have a problem that I would like 
some advice on.

The problem is the list of defined printers in Windows disappears every now
and then.  It does not happen for all PCs simultaneously, or even for groups 
of PCs.  But when it does happen the only way to get the listing back is to 
restart Windows 95.

Does this strike a familiar note with anyone?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.  

Thanks for your time.

Tony H.

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