Am I being hacked?

Matthew Geier matthew at
Sat Apr 25 02:51:44 GMT 1998

>   3) Am I being hacked?
> 	by Tim Winders <twinders at>

> I am seeing a BUNCH of these type of messages in my log.nmb file.  the IP
> address varies, with only 2 different ones showing up.

 Only 2? :-)

> process_node_status_request: status request for name *<00> from IP
>  on subnet REMOTE_BROADCAST_SUBNET - name not found.
 I get these all the time, from a wide varity of source addresses,
some may be our own people (with laptops) on the move, but I imagine
most are 'hackers' looking for NT/Win95 box with a writable share.

 My site get probed all the time. Just the last week some one probed
every IP address looking for IMAP servers.

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