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Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri Apr 24 06:34:11 GMT 1998

The department of computer science at ANU is looking at networking
costs. One big cost is the network traffic charges for Currently it is costing about $1000 per month in
international traffic charges (at 20c/meg). Note that we only pay for
incoming data. 

To try and reduce the cost we are going to need to put in a mirror of
the Samba web pages and ftp site in the US. I'm looking for a
volunteer site. The site will need to:

- cope with about 3 GB/day of outgoing traffic 
- cope with about 300 MB/day of incoming traffic (mostly TCP acks)
- be on a good, reliable link 
- have plenty of disk space (need about 1.5GB to start with)
- be able to give me an account with ssh access so I can setup
  mirroring (using rsync) and manage the mirror
- be willing to host the mirror long term 
- be able to run the apache web server

Please note that this would be a large commitment of resources, so
don't volunteer your site unless you have the authority to do so.

If you are interested then send me an email!

Cheers, Andrew

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