case sensitive and encrypted pwd

Duane Ryan duane at
Thu Apr 23 17:39:52 GMT 1998

Hello everyone,

   I have a couple of questions about the newest release of samba - 1918p4.
I compiled it on my SCO 5.02 box and it works great with most functions
of file/print services. There are 2 things that I wanted to clear up, if I
may. Is it true that in this version an additional libdes is not needed
it is built into this release to handle encrypted passwords from NT4?

Is it also true that there is still no set of smb.conf strings that will
allow you to transfer an UPPER.lower case file from Win95 to Unix and show
up the same on the Unix box as UPPER.lower - without breaking the ability
to traverse
down a directory tree in lower case. For example, if I set smb.conf so that
UPPER.lower copy from Win95 to Unix works (case sensitive=yes, preserve
case=yes etc) correctly, then I cannot browse or map any services lower in the
directory chain than the root service unless the service is in UPPERCASE.
As of
yet, I have been unable to do both of these things. Please help if you can.
Thank you,

Duane Ryan
DPN, Inc.

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