Samba + NIS + Dec Unix + enhanced security?

Dave Thompson, Sys Admin Supvr dave_t%swfwmd at EPIC66.DEP.STATE.FL.US
Thu Apr 23 12:51:29 GMT 1998

On Wed, 22 Apr 1998 IN%"dkirk at"@EPIC66 wrote:

|Does anyone have any exposure with Samba and DEC unix?
Yep, we're running it on our DEC UNIX boxes with no problems.

|Can you run enhanced security on DEC and access those users/passwords with
Yep again. There's a compile option that needs to be un-commented if
you're running enhanced security. When I switched to enhanced security, I
just needed to recompile with the new options and restart the samba

|How about with NIS?
Don't know about this one. I don't use NIS here. In the Makefile, there's
also some stuff that looks like you can un-comment to use NIS.


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