NT 4.0 Small Probs

Andrew Gordon a.gordon at compserv.gla.ac.uk
Thu Apr 23 11:10:20 GMT 1998

We have a fairly large Samba/Win95 installation.  We are currently putting 
some NT 4.0 Workstation Machines.  However we seem to be having a few small 
problems.  First of all printing  on some machines comes up with an error 
about the wrong syntax when you try to print even though the printer setup 
goes 'smoothly'.
Second, sometimes connecting persistent shares fails with a couldn't find 
share error message.  This could be linked to a timeout but with two 
machines in the same office, one has had both of these problems and the 
other has not.  Has anyone else experienced any of these and more 
importantly did they solve them.

Andrew Gordon
The Computing Service
University of Glasgow
(0141) 330 4865
a.gordon at compserv.gla.ac.uk

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