Is it possible to have two different [homes] sections?

axs at axs at
Wed Apr 22 15:53:13 GMT 1998

Question: people at our site are using Samba basically for two purposes, on
one hand to access data from their normal Unix home directory, others to
use some subdirectory of their Unix home directory as a home directory for
Wintel desktops. For this reason I would like to have two [homes] sections

          comment = "home directory = /u/$HOME"
          comment = "subdir of Unix home dir = /u/$HOME/winhome"
          path = %H/winhome

Is this somehow possible? (I would like not to have two different Samba
servers for this ...)
Regards and thanks!

  Axel Tanner
  IBM Zurich Research Laboratory    email: axs at
  Saumerstr. 4                      phone:    +41/1/724 82 49
  CH-8803 Rueschlikon               fax  :    +41/1/724 89 59

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