Hiding shares in Network Neighborhood?

John D. Blair jdblair at uab.edu
Wed Apr 22 13:07:57 GMT 1998

Philip Hallstrom wrote:
>         I'll be the first to admit I don't know a lot about Windows
> networking, but I've managed to get samba (latest version) up and running
> and even have a cool netlogon script :)
> My config has shares for [homes] and [netlogon] and [foobar] (a test).
> When I look around in Network Neighborhood it lists homes, netlogon,
> foobar, and philip (my username).
> Is there some way to make it not show homes and netlogon?  Since I'm only
> using netlogon for the scripts, and why would you want to see homes?

set browseable = no in the [homes] and [netlogon] share.

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