Browsing across subnets - network star configuration (PR#6436)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at
Wed Apr 22 03:32:17 GMT 1998

> 1) Configure Samba to bind to one of your ports (say, network A), not
> all three.
> 2) Set Samba to be the WINS server for all of your clients.
> 3) Set Samba to be a domain master browser.

why make it bind to only one port? That won't work correctly.

In nearly every situation the correct thing to do when
Samba is running on a multi-homed box is to list all interfaces
in an "interfaces =" line in smb.conf. If you don't do this
then it won't work correctly.

The only reason for not listing an interface is if you really don't
want to do SMB networking on the interface. This is often the case
for PPP or ISDN links where the background chatter that goes along
with SMB/NBT costs you too much in phone charges.

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