Browsing across subnets - some more problems (PR#6450)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at
Wed Apr 22 02:48:38 GMT 1998

>> - Why does nmbd appear to be running twice on some machines?
> nmbd, like smbd is a "fork and exec" daemon.  When a new request comes
> it, it forks.  This new image deals with the request, while the parent
> process waits for new requests.

nope, not at all.

nmbd is a "one process handles all requests" daemon. You see two daemons
because at startup nmbd forks so that it can have a separate "asynch
DNS" server. This is to overcome the problem that gethostbyname() is a 
blocking call. If you run netscape on a unix system then you will see
that it too has two processes for exactly the same reason. In general
this is the only reasonable way to do asynchronous DNS lookups on unix

nmbd uses some quite smart internal queueing mechanisms to overcome
the fact that it is a single process handling lots of simultaneous
requests. It can't use this for gethostbyname() though.

smbd on the other hand is a "fork for each connection" daemon 
(no exec involved, just a fork) so you see a new smbd for each client 
connected to your system.

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