NT4.0 + SP3 reports can't NetServerEnum from DMB using Samba

Stanley.Hopcroft at ipaustralia.gov.au Stanley.Hopcroft at ipaustralia.gov.au
Wed Apr 22 08:17:00 GMT 1998

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing to ask your help with a problem whereby 3 NT4.0 +
Sservice Pack 3 servers frequently log (in their event lists) that the
browsing service cannot get the list of domain resources (the reply to
NetServerEnum2) from the master browser (when the boxes are
functioning as backup browsers).

The situation is :-

. NT machines browsing on both NetBUEI and NetBT (NetBIOS over IP)
. NT machines configured as P (primary) nodes and using the local
Samba for NetBIOS name registration and query
. all machines on the same broadcast domain (subnetwork, segment)
. Samba is FreeBSD 2.2.x + 1.9.16p11

log.nmbd seems to show that the critical names

<domain>1b         Domain Master Browser for domain
<domain>1c         Master Browser for domain

Seem to be registered and found when one of the backup browsers wants
to find the master (to issue the NetServerEnum2).

The backup browsers (also BDCs) seem to be able to use the network
successfully to replicate the domain data base.

It does seem to be a fault with Samba (the NBNS) since when the NT
backup browsers are configured to not use the NBNS and use broadcast
for name maintenance, all is well.

The errors in the NT logs are corroborated by browmon. Browmon
generally cannot locate the master browser for the domain when it runs
on a box only configured with the NetBT transport.

All comments and suggestions will be gratefully received.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely

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