Windows95 ARPing like crazy

John D. Blair jdblair at
Tue Apr 21 20:32:33 GMT 1998

Greg Dickie wrote:
>   I realize this is generally not the place for this question but this is

This *really* isn't the place.

> always where the answers are so here goes. We have a couple of win95 Pcs that
> regularly go nuts and arp foreach IP address on their subnet. The resulting
> broadcast storm is make even worse because of the inability of our net. admin.
> to 1) explain it 2) contain it 3) fix it (not too bright).

Are you running HP JetAdmin on the Win95 machines?  We had some serious
problems with ARP storms here at UAB due to a bug in HP JetAdmin that
caused it to attempt to contact every IP address in our class B domain. 
It would start with, exhaust the address space, then start over
again at the bottom.


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