smbmount and character sets?

Per Berger peberge at
Tue Apr 21 21:09:11 GMT 1998


I am new to samba and this list... I have a Linux box (Redhat 4.2) running
samba 1.9.17p4-1 sharing a few directories and this works fine... I am
also running smbmount 2.0.2 to mount some shares from an NT Server and
this also works fine... well almost...

My problem is this; the shares that I mount are Novell volumes being
accessed through an MS NT/Novell GTW running on an NT Server, from there
being shared and mounted on the Linux box and then accessed via ftp

As I am in Sweden, some of the files being shared have Swedish characters
in their names. These names show up alright if you access the shares
directly on the NT box but if you access them on the Linux box they are
NOT alright; if you access them directly on the linux box they have the
mime-codes instead of the actual characters in the names and if you then
access them via ftp running FTP Explorer from Win95 they look very

Now, is there any way to solve this? I find no parameter do define the
character set for smbmount and as there is no .conf-file for smbmount I
have no clue...

Any help appreciated!


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