LPRng, Solaris, & Samba

Craig Huckabee huck at cs.wisc.edu
Tue Apr 21 20:11:48 GMT 1998

On Tue, 21 Apr 1998, Steen Jensen wrote:

> On Wed, 15 Apr 1998, Craig Huckabee wrote:
> huck> 
> huck> 
> huck> 
> huck>   I'm curious if anyone else using LPRng, Solaris 2.5.1, and Samba 1.9.18p4 
> huck>   has run into this problem :
> huck> 
> huck>   Certain print queues cannot be viewed, no matter what.  You can double
> huck>   click the printer from an NT 4.0 client to display the queue, and it will
> huck>   either open and close instantly after that, or it will grind for a few
> huck>   moments with "<Refreshing>" in the queue title bar then close.
> huck>   This happens with no documents in the queue as well as with a full queue.
> huck> 
> huck>   Other queues display fine for a while, then close suddenly for no reason.
> huck> 
> huck>   I've made a few runs with a debug level of 10 but nothing gets put in the
> huck>   logs.
> We had the same problem, with printerqueues longer then 12 jobs, and only
> on Win95 clients. Jeremy fixed it with this patch (for samba-1.9.18p4):

   No dice.  I tried this patch before I posted - made no difference.


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