Troubles with "security=server" setting

george.bodnar at george.bodnar at
Tue Apr 21 19:09:57 GMT 1998


We are running a fairly simple samba setup where we have a single Unix
server functioning as both a file/print server for a number of Windows95
and Windows NT workstations.  In our old environment we where using
"security = user" and allowing the Unix server to handle password
authentication, etc.  But, given our site's requirement to run login
scripts and the support in samba being "not quite there" yet we decided to
roll-out an NT Domain Controller environment using two NT 4.0 servers to
perform handle the passwords, profiles, etc. while still utilizing the
disk/printer resources we had defined on the main unix server.

Things were going fine until we set the samba server to use the NT Domain
controller for its authentication by setting the "security=server" and
"password server = ntserver" options in the smb.conf file.  Now for some
reason our Windows95 client can no longer view the icons that are
associated with an executable both in Explorer or in the form of short-cuts
on their desk-tops.  This is not really a "show-stopping" problem, but it
is a bit of an annoyance for our users.  In fact I'm a bit concerned that
this problem may be a symptom of something larger and would like to
investigate this now as is feasible.  The other intersting aspect about
this is that our Windows NT clients do NOT experience the same problems,
basically only the Win95 clients are seeing this behaviour.

I have done some rudimentary testing by doing things such as altering the
log level and running tests with the security levels set to both user and
server, but have not found any obvious problems.  The only difference that
I do see is that there are "SMBgetatr" requests for the executable files
when "security = user" setting and these request are absent when we have
the setting set to "security = server"

I'm more than willing to do further debugging if anyone has any suggestions
that may help,


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