Cross subnet browsing works

Graham Leggett graham at
Tue Apr 21 15:19:21 GMT 1998

Hi all,

I think I've cracked cross subnet browsing when the WINS server is on
the common router between the subnets.

                             | Router       X|
                               |     |      |
             network B -----------   |     ------------ network C
     network A -------------------------         |
                        |                      NT PDC
                    samba server

I configured the WINS server to be one of the interfaces on the router,
and configured "interfaces" so that SMB would only work on that
interface, marked X.

I then configured a samba server in the one subnet to be a local browser
for that subnet. The other subnet had a Windows NT server on it as PDC
for the domain, so I let that machine be the local and master browser
for the domain.

All the machines had the router interface on which the WINS server lives
as the WINS address.

After all this, I was browsing across subnets...

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