LOTUS 123 5.0 on Windows NT 4.0

Eric Stewart estewart at dudley.lib.usf.edu
Tue Apr 21 13:09:11 GMT 1998

	If a user saves a file in Lotus that they don't own, the file
writes and the timestamp updates, but they get this error:

Directory Entry Update Error

The help on this topic says:

You used File Save As to save a file on disk or to extract data to a file
on disk and the network software did not update the directory.
Reconfigure the network so that directory updates are not deferred.

	If the user owns the file, they do not get this message.  I am
using 18p4 and the share is defined as:

   comment = Share for acq
   browsable = yes
   path = /home/goober/acq/share
   read only = no
   fake directory create times = True
   create mode = 770
   locking = no

	I put in fake directory create times because it sounded like it
might fix the problem but it didn't.
	Any suggestions/comments/ideas on a more apporpriate fix?

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