Incomplete browselists with %G

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Tue Apr 21 00:56:15 GMT 1998


>When I build an smb.conf using a line like:
>include = /usr/local/samba/lib/%G.conf
>then it works beautifully for the shares that are listed in the
>appropriate <primary group>.conf files, that is, I can connect to them
>and all... 
>However, I can only _browse_ the shares listed in the main smb.conf
>file, not the ones in the <primary group>.conf files that should
>be included, even though those shares are accessable to me..
>I can only explain this by the browser-daemon not evaluating the %G
>variable (just like "testparm" ignores this). Is this fixable ?
>I would very much like a group-dependant browselist...

You are mixing up two different things: browsing the share list and mounting of a share.

In other words: When your PC requests a share list it will receive an answer from sambe. At this moment samba does 
not know about you being user A or user B, it just offers a list of share namess known when it started up. As it has 
no connection to any special user at this moment, it can absolutely not know about this users permissions or even 
its groups. This means: samba can and will not substitute anything like %G in smb.conf when being asked for a share 
list. I bet it will report something like "cant open /usr/local/samba/lib/.conf" when started with higher debug 
levels. Anyway ... same with NT: it offers you a share list with lots of shares you are not allowed to connect to.

Another situation when connecting ("mounting") the share: For each connection from any user (comparable to some kind 
of login) smbd parses smb.conf. At this moment the user is known (or is made known by insisting on the correct 
password) as well as his primary group. smbd will include the correct %G.conf after substituting %G and then know 
about the shares configured in that file.

Now for some implementation thoughts: Consider a machine with 200 plus some more shares (so probably some more than 
500 users) and also consider a situation where the user name is already known to samba. To offer you a list of 
permitted shares it had to hold this list in memory for each user or to evaluate this list every moment the user 
requests one. Lots of memory or lots of disk activity, huh?

After all this one more advice: Think of some newly invented share being mountable by groupA as well as by groupB. 
You had to configure the same stuff in groupA.conf and groupB.conf. You'd better try to have both groups in smb.conf 
and define:

	valid users = @groupA, groupB

and (just to be on the safe side):

        create mask = 771
        force group = groupA

Stability paranoids configure:

	force user = <some_user_in_groupA>:

to let users change permissions of files not created by themselves ...


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