diskless wfw

Francesc Guasch frankie at etsetb.upc.es
Mon Apr 20 17:17:25 GMT 1998

Hi. I followed the advises from yours but I still can't do
tcp/ip from wfw when booting diskless.

I was told to run the wsahdapp.exe file, but when I do
it windows tells me :

winsock api
Instalation Error
The DOS sockets TSR is not loaded

and of course when I try to run netscape it tells me:
Netscape was unable to create a network socket connection
There may be insufficient system resources or the
network may be down.

>From DOS I can do ping and use smb shares.
I installed the dos lanman client that came with NT.

Another question : I only receive the digests though
I checked the listproc and I'm subscribed to samba, why ?
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