Incomplete browselists with %G

Michel michel at
Mon Apr 20 15:37:23 GMT 1998

When I build an smb.conf using a line like:

include = /usr/local/samba/lib/%G.conf

then it works beautifully for the shares that are listed in the
appropriate <primary group>.conf files, that is, I can connect to them
and all... 

However, I can only _browse_ the shares listed in the main smb.conf
file, not the ones in the <primary group>.conf files that should
be included, even though those shares are accessable to me..

I can only explain this by the browser-daemon not evaluating the %G
variable (just like "testparm" ignores this). Is this fixable ?

I would very much like a group-dependant browselist...


  Michel van der Laan	-	michel at

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