NTW4 Auto connecting to unix home directory on logon

Mills, Mr. CP C.P.Mills at rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk
Mon Apr 20 09:08:52 GMT 1998

I appologise as this is probably an FAQ but I have read the FAQ's and
have been unsuccessfull in finding a solution.

I have a Solaris 2.5 server running the latest version of samba (can't
remember the version no. but was only downloaded on Friday). I have set
up a homes share and would like to connect my NT workstations to it. I
have been able to connect by specifying the username and password when
connecting and everything works OK. However, when I log out and log back
in again on my NT box, I get the error message, could not connect to
share as the password is incorrect (or something along those lines). If
I try connecting manually again, everything works fine. I guess the
problem is becuase NT is not saving/sending the password when it tries
to reconnect automatically. I could of course connect manually each
time, but I need to make it as simple as possible for my mostly computer
illiterate users.

Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong?

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