Linux Red Hat 5 as a client with SAMBA(smbfs).

Chad S. Cicchillo eanc-ygm-sa4 at
Mon Apr 20 00:11:32 GMT 1998


I am having a problem trying to get Linux and smbfs to 
use our domains resources as a client. What we would like 
to do is set up connections to the shared resource on the
domain for use with the Apache httpd on the Linux system.

Currently if a user creates a connection to a shared 
resource in the Domain , only UID 0 can access the share. 
There are many other problems but I will address exactly 
what I need and maybe someone can tell me how to
go about it.

I need the domain resources available on the Linux server 
so they are just like regular directories.
Read and write access. Can this be done with smbfs?
Or do I need NFS for NT... i hope not, money is tight :(

currently the share appears like this:

d---------	1 root	root		512 Jan  1  1970 test
(dir's under the root mount point have the correct time stamp)

and the files inside the share:

---xr--r--	1 root	root		999 Apr 19 23:59 test

Almost all of the HOW TO's and FAQ's I have read only deal
with the WIN to UNIX side of things, not the UNIX to WIN

		Thank you for your time,

				Chad S. Cicchillo
				Systems Administrator
				Republic of Korea

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