(x)copy stops after standard number of files ....

Maarten Kennis maartenk at htsa.hva.nl
Sun Apr 19 13:21:57 GMT 1998

Every night my windows client makes a backup of some data on my samba server. This is actually an xcopy statement executed on the windows client wich makes a copy from a mapped samba service to a local station. With this copy job, about 18000 files are involved in a directory tree which is 5 levels deep. Total amount of data copied is 1.8 gigabyte. The pc's are connected by an 10 Mbps ethernet connection. But the copy job terminates always after the same amount of files copied (1500+). It just stops without an error. The drive in the smb server running redhat linux 5.0 is an msdos filesystem. When the drive is installed on the windows client the copy jobs works perfectly, so my guess is that something is wrong with my smb.conf file. i hope someone out there can help me with this problem.
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